LoffieAnn revisited unused skills, built an academic foundation and reignited her love for writing through SMU’s UPrep Program

Meet LoffieAnn. She always thought about going to university and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree. LoffieAnn was enjoying working as a secretary but was starting to feel stuck – like something was missing. 

“My children were all grown up, and I had more time on my hands to be ‘selfish.’ I wanted to make an accomplishment that was all my own and it seemed like the perfect time to do that,” she says about her choice to apply to Saint Mary’s.

After being out of school for so long, and not meeting admission requirements, LoffieAnn enrolled in SMU’s University Prep (UPrep) English course to help meet the academic requirements for admission.

University Prep provides individuals the opportunity to meet admission requirements for post-secondary studies. Whether you are missing a course, or need to improve a grade for admission, UPrep can help. 

In LoffieAnn`s case, the UPrep English course not only helped her meet the admission requirements, it also brought to the surface skills that had gone unused over the years. “Writing has always been a love of mine. I’ve been writing poetry and short stories since I was a child, although I had gotten away from it as of late. The UPrep course allowed me to brush up on my grammar and research skills; it also reignited my desire to write,” she says. 

Saint Mary’s UPrep program not only provided a strong academic foundation for LoffieAnn, it gave her a sense of what university life was going to be like. “It gave me an idea of how much time I would need to invest into studying and researching,” LoffieAnn shares. “It also showed me what standard of writing and understanding of reading material would be required to make it through an undergrad.” 

LoffieAnn is finishing up her first year of an Arts degree, and it is not without challenges. “Balancing everyday life while working full-time and going to school can be difficult,” she says. “But I am enjoying the courses, learning a lot and I will not give up.” 

Saint Mary’s offers academic advising for anyone who is unsure of the steps to meet their academic goals. SMU advisers  will always be happy to talk with you about the University Prep program, no matter where you are in your life or career.